Back-of-AlbumIt’s raining in Los Angeles tonight. Yay. We certainly need it, but how unexpected! I just, for the first time, sat down and listened to the mastered album of Rookie (I changed the name back!). I LOVE it! Yay!! I’m so excited to share it with you very soon. This album was quite a long time in the making, and it’s finally done. Tonight I approved the final album package, and it really represents this album beautifully (thank you, Lynn!) And the photos are funky! Thanks Greg and Nick and Trish! Next we work on the chord and lyric books with lots of behind the scenes photos of the band in the studio – and pictures of food, of course. And we will be making the tote bags next week, as well. Wednesday we fly out to Florida for those three shows… we’re really looking forward to playing for you Floridians! I’m going to play one I’ve never played live before – even for my band.

Once again, I am truly grateful to all who were involved in helping me realize this album by being part of my Kickstarter campaign. I could never have made this album, of such high quality, without that kind of support for the budget. It just wouldn’t have happened, so you can imagine how appreciative I feel, as I sit here with my cat, by the fire in May, listening to my incredibly talented band, James Ralston, Jim Hanson and Michael Urbano, playing their hearts out on this record! Mitchell Froom did such a fantastic job as well, pulling these songs together with me, and David Boucher was brilliant as our engineer. (David won an Oscar recently for his work on Frozen – Yeah David!) It’s wonderful to be given another chance to share music with people, and not just for my cat. What a relief!!

Being/having a record company is more than I had bargained for, but every day I’m learning more, with the help of Carlos Novais, my longtime house sound engineer and tour manager. We are “The Little Engine That Could” – it really feels this way. We’re gonna make it up that freakin’ mountain somehow. The music, and the support from fans like you are pushing us up the mountain. And when we get there, let’s have a barbecue and a glass of red wine, okay? We will need that. Let’s dance around a fire and celebrate life… still being alive and healthy. And for those who are not, I wish you good health. (What a gift it is.) Speaking of health, I just happened to spend some time in Israel, where they know how to eat!! Lots of great salads for breakfast… I loved that. Tahini, hummous, mung bean and quinoa salad with mint and parsley. I’ll give you the actual recipe soon… it’s magnificent. Will keep you young!

That’s all for now. Actual recipe soon…

Goodnight from L.A.!




Some behind the scenes of James playing on the song Rookie… more to come!


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