Just did the photo shoot for the album cover!

Getting close now!


Behind The Scenes Footage:

The Making of the Rookie Album!!

Album is now officially funded by Kickstarter!!

Susan W 1-webThanks to many of you, we are well on our way recording this new album.  I believe I’ll stick to the title Rookie (haha!  I’ve been playing gigs for 37 years now…), and we’re looking at June for the release!   Mitchell Froom is producing and David Boucher is engineering – they are doing an incredible job!  I have my fantastic band, James Ralston on guitar, Jim Hanson on bass, Michael Urbano on drums and Mitchell doing keyboards.  They are already finished with their stellar work, and I have 3 songs left to put vocals on – one of which I’m still writing, down to the wire.  We have several songs that are full band, and about 4 songs that have no need of extra production at all.  Just stark, piano/vocal songs.

Lots of exciting touring coming up as well, including 3 Florida shows in May, and a U.K. tour in October!  We haven’t done a proper tour of the U.K. in years, so we’re really looking forward to this!  We will also be putting together an east coast run in The States in the summer, and another European tour this year… I’ll let you know!

We are going to do some special packages for those who are involved with the “pre-sales” of the record.  We will design some limited edition items, including a signed and numbered book with handwritten lyrics for this album with some cool, behind the scenes photos.  Many of you already are in this category, as you very kindly supported this project by pledging through Kickstarter, so you will get your CDs a couple of weeks early.  Thank you!!

We are filming much of the recording, and will begin to release bits of songs in the next few weeks!  We will probably end up having another DVD with all of this material!

I hope you’re having a lovely winter, and I’ll be in touch soon!

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