This has definitely been a soul-searching few months… So here you go!!
Wishing you all much Love, Peace and Unity. Vonda and band.
I love this song, Innocent World, by Joseph Arthur, and it certainly feels timely. I hope you feel it! And Vote!! Good luck! Love and Peace, Vonda and Band
Hi! Emily Saliers, of Indigo Girls, and I, have reunited to sing this song for you! Enjoy and stay well!! Vonda and band
Live in the Kitchen with Vonda: Guacamole!
Remembering the Ally Days…
As some of you have noticed, when we were featured on Ally McBeal playing a song, usually you’d hear about 15 or 20 seconds of the song, but we always recorded the whole song, so it has been really fun to share the complete versions with you… we worked hard on them!
I want to lift your spirits through music during these lonely, trying, extremely difficult times, so I hope this helps a little.
Take good care, stay safe, and I’ll see you down the road somewhere… more to come!!
Guitar: Val McCallum, Bass: Davey Faragher, Drums: Pete Thomas, Piano: Neil Larson. And The “Ikettes”… Sy Smith, Vatrina King and Reneé Goldsberry.
Peace and Love,
Vonda and friends…
I’m hoping this song lifts your spirits!
It’s one of my favorite old Aretha tunes…
Live From The Troubadour, 2003
Very special thanks to Sy Smith, Jeff Young, Carmen Carter and Lori Perry.
The world is in such chaos right now. My way of soothing people is best done through music. This song was originally on From The Sun, and we filmed this on the German radio show, HR1 several years back. I just love this band so much… we were one, as you can hear.
Please stay safe, healthy, and let us work toward peace, justice and a better world.
Love, Vonda
This song was originally on the album It’s Good, Eve, from 1996. This was the song that led to my getting the gig on that awesome show!! Or it helped, anyway… The music was co-written by myself and the great Michael Landau, and I wrote the lyrics. Enjoy and stay well! Vonda
This song is from the album From The Sun, from 2008. I still really feel it when I play it. (Too much? Ha!) Enjoy! I hope all is well with you and your families…
Here are two versions of the great song Mama Said. The first is just me on piano and the great Val McCallum on acoustic guitar. The second version features the amazing Jeff Young backing me up on vocals and Wurlitzer, Andy Kammen on drums, Jim Hanson on bass and Val on electric guitar.
Often when we’d record for the show, we’d do two versions… and sometimes both were used!!
Stay safe and well… and keep wearing those masks!! (Even though it’s annoying!)
Love, Vonda
Michael Cavanaugh and I recorded this song remotely for The Mercy School benefit, which has aired, so we’d like to now share this song with you!  
It’s another Elton John song… we love him!   I’m actually reading his autobiography now, and it’s FAB!!  He’s so charming and funny… you’ll love it.  
Hang in there!  Stay well!

Remembering The Ally Days…

Pearl’s a Singer is such a sweet, heart-wrenching song about a woman who always wanted to be famous, but just ends up singing in a bar, dreaming of what could have been. This was in the first episode of Ally McBeal, and I have such a strong memory of showing up to the set for the first time and walking onto that stage to film. How thrilling and how ironic, that I thought my fate could have ended up like Pearl, but here I was embarking upon a new, explosive adventure that would change my life forever.

Here’s one of my favorite Elton songs, with Michael Cavanaugh!
Band: Michael Cavanaugh and Vonda, Piano and Vocals
Jamie Hosmer – Keys
Giovanni Mastro – Guitar
James Ralston – Guitar
Billy V. – Bass
Johnny Fedevich – Drums
John Scarpulla – Sax
We love playing these shows… and this one kind of rocks.

Live from The Troubadour: Like a Hemisphere


Sometimes I do shows with an amazing artist you may recognize from Movin’ Out on Broadway, where he was handpicked by Billy Joel to play the lead roll for 3 years.
In this tune, Michael is hanging out on the piano, but I’ll be posting duets that we’ve done together soon. We always have 2 grand pianos on stage, so it’s really fun. The band is James Ralston, on guitar and Jim Hanson on bass, whom you know from my band, and we’re also playing with Michael’s amazing band, featuring Jamie Hosmer on keyboards and vocals, Johnny Fedevich on Drums, Giovanni Mastro also on Guitar.

Hi there!
This video is from a live DVD we recorded in 2003 at The Troubadour. We chose to film it there, as in the old days, I used to play Hoot Night at the Troub, at least 2 Mondays a month. As my career began to take off, I headlined there for many years, so there is a lot of nostalgia for that amazing, historic club. I remember sitting in the bar looking at photos of all of the legends who played there over the years; Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Jackson Browne — the list goes on. I realize that many of you have never seen this DVD, as it was hidden inside a live album, so we’ll be posting individual songs over the next few weeks.
The song starts off with Val McCallum playing guitar — he and I wrote the music to Chinatown together and I wrote the lyrics. The band on stage is Val, James Ralston on guitar and Jim Hanson on bass! RAD BAND!!!
Enjoy, and stay well!!

Remembering The Ally Days…

Over the years, people have asked me what my favorite times were while working on Ally McBeal. As some of you know, I was the “behind the scenes” music producer of the show, and most of my work took place in the studio with my incredible band, for many, many hours, into the early mornings. Sometimes we’d start at 10:00 a.m. and work until 3:00 a.m. the next morning, but it was incredibly fun, exciting and gratifying. Please listen to Blowin’ In The Wind, one of my favorite songs we recorded, and right after, we’ve included an “out-take”. I sing the last word, then keep listening… this is how punchy the band and I got sometimes! Some amazingly silly, fun memories to share with you! More to come!

Stay well!!

This song is from my album It’s Good, Eve, from 1996. Enjoy!! Vonda

Remembering The Ally Days…

We recorded this song in Season 3 of Ally McBeal, and it features my pals, Sy Smith, Reneé Goldsberry, Vatrina King (A.K.A., The Ikettes!) and Carmen Carter!! How did we hit those notes??!! Ha! This makes me want to do a soul/gospel review! Also, Val McCallum on guitar, Davey Faragher on bass, Pete Thomas on drums and Jeff Young on piano & organ. I thought this might cheer you up in this crazy time.

More to come!!

Pub Sessions: I Just Don’t Get It

Hi there!
Keep on staying safe, and finding new, creative things to do at home. I haven’t organized ONE drawer yet, so that’s good news… means I’m working on music!
I want to thank all of the healthcare workers, people on the front lines, and anyone grappling with this terrible crisis, for their courage, care, and super-human strength.
Hang in there…
Peace + Love, Vonda

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