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Almost Spring

If I’m not mistaken, I smelled an early Spring wafting through the screen door yesterday morning.  It had rained slightly, for a couple of days, so I thought perhaps that was why I had this feeling… but no – it’s here again today.  Can it be?  January and February are often bleak, after the holiday season.  Days of running on the beach seem a long way off… but not this year.  Perhaps it’s because I have the European tour to look forward to!  And my tremendous excitement about finishing the album, and trying out KickStarter or PledgeMusic, or one of those great indie launchpads.  These things, combined with the beautiful black and green kale, the swiss chard, beets, arugula, lemons and herbs all exploding in our backyard make for a very promising month!  We went hiking in a beautiful canyon overlooking the sea yesterday… a massive layer of fog made it impossible to distinguish whether we were seeing a tremendous steamer ship peaking out of the fog, heading to northern California, or a the top of a lone skyscraper (heading to northern California – just the top of the building – the rest would be staying put).  A beautiful sight.

Off to work – hey, have you checked out Lizz Wright yet?  What a luscious voice.  Please listen to her!

I have gotten many comments from people asking why I’m not coming to Paris, London, Belgium, etc… on this brief tour.  I’m still finalizing dates, so if we add anything, I’ll let you know, but this is kind of an interim tour.  There will be another one to follow, probably when the album is done.  Fall maybe?  I’ll let you know as soon as I do, and I’ll keep you all updated on the status of the album, and as always, I hope to see you on the road!  For those of you who can’t fly to Berlin, I’ll think about setting up another Stage It, or a video feed so that you can be part of all of this fun.

Have a great February!!

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  • Michael Sonenshine on

    Europe misses you, Prague misses you, Vienna misses you, London misses you. The next time you come to Europe, I will make sure to go to see you perform. And speaking of spring, by the way, this year in the Czech Republic for some reason the cherries are absolutely awesome. I’ve not see the tree so alive with fruit. If you don’t have some fruit trees in your backyard, you surely are missing something. Kind regards

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