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San Francisco

We played a tiny room in San Francisco last night and Friday night to very attentive, energetic crowds! The setting was extremely intimate, which, as I told a few people after the show, is more challenging than playing a stadium, as the audience can pick up on every nuance… it’s easy to do when you’re practically sitting on the performer’s lap.

Anyway, thanks to all of you wonderful people with such kind words after the show, and thanks to those of you who flew in, or drove long distances to be there last night.

Off to North Carolina in a couple of days…

Have a great Sunday!


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Loving Summer


We had the most spectacular visit to British Columbia last week! We played CedarCreek Winery, which is situated across from a gorgeous 90-mile lake. All day, there were rain showers, and we were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to play… or that people wouldn’t show up, but about 30 minutes before the show, the clouds broke, then became this rich, golden color as the sun set behind the mountains in back of us as we played music to the lovely people of Kelowna!

The atmosphere couldn’t have been more gorgeous. Playing outside in the summer is my favorite thing to do… besides eating a great meal… oh, and sleeping a full night. But ANYWAY, we were greeted with such wonderful hospitality by the CedarCreek owners and crew… many thanks again to all of you! Read more

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It’s a Wonderful Life I Have

Okay, now I’ve only said this one other time whilst on tour… I could LIVE in Branford!!! What a sweet, kind, quaint, wonderful town! The Branfordians really surprised me tonight with your presence… you came out in force for the festival! Thanks for a great, memorable night. Hope to come back soon.

Tonight reminded me of stepping into a lovely movie directed by George Cukor. The guy at Starbuck’s was so positive. Did they have a Starbuck’s in It’s A Wonderful Life? I believe they did… hmm. Even Nacime, from France came to the show! Bonsoir! Read more

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Letter from Vonda

Hi there,

It has been a while since I’ve blogged. Been busy! We got home from Europe and had more gigs in the U.S., which have been going so well. We opened for the country music sensation, Sugarland! What fun that was! I’m not a country act, but it seemed to work pretty well. Jennifer and Kristian were wonderful to be around and work with. Read more

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