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Art of Compassion

Vonda is performing at the 25th Anniversary Art of Compassion gala this weekend in Malibu, Calif. After that, she’s heading out to open some shows for Sugarland in the West and then play some headlining shows in the East. You can find all of the dates over on the Tour page.

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We just finished playing at New Morning in Paris! What an incredible evening! This was one of my favorite nights of the tour.

As I signed CDs tonight, two things happened that made me feel a bit bad. Apparently, some of you have requested songs on my Facebook page and website, and I haven’t had a chance to read them lately, as this tour is so demanding. Read more

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Hi all!

It’s late, so this will be short, but I must say that our show in Koln (Cologne) was so special and wonderful! We played at a church, where they apparently do poetry readings, so it’s pretty hip.

Before the show, I felt I needed to show a sort of respect for my environment and hold back a bit, but that mindset really didn’t feel right to me, as I believe that we are here on this earth to be our fullest and best selves, so I imagined myself to be in a gospel church somewhere in the deep south where one certainly doesn’t hold back a bit. Read more

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Rainy Day in Germany

Hi friends!

Well, we have about a week left on tour. We all finally caught up on rest, after the grueling four in a row and crazy travel days. The show in Juchen, Germany, the other night was by far our best show… the whole band felt it. Some nights all of the elements just line up, and they did that night. The audience was fantastic, we all were rested and had lots of energy, the sound was great, the food was great (very important!), we all just played our hearts out. I needed a show like that, personally. Read more

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Cruising Europe

Hi everyone!

We’re out here, on the road, as you may know. It really has been great to play for you again & to see your enthusiasm!

This tour, so far, has been very intense in terms of the schedule, especially in Romania, where we didn’t have our bus, so we traveled during the day and did four shows in a row. I did a lot of press during the day, as well, but the actual shows were really fun. I appreciate how you all got up and danced at the end!

We are in Holland now… played in Haarlem last night, where the people are so sweet and kind! We are heading back to Germany tomorrow for a show, then back to Holland. Germany was great too.

The beginning of the tour is always so emotional – it is all so new, so the feelings we put into the music are very strong. Tonight we play Tilburg, where my friend, Stevie Ann will sing a song from her new album, which is not yet released. She’s wonderful!

I’ll give you updates soon…

Have fun!

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