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Hi everyone!

Hope you had a great holiday season! Just wanted to let you know that we’re putting together some shows for The Spring, including March 29th and 30th at The Rrazz Room in San Francisco (you can find details on the Tour Dates page). I’ll keep you updated with more shows soon, and really looking forward to seeing you on the road.

Stay tuned for a more detailed update soon!

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Summer Update

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a great summer!
Our tomato plants are taking over the backyard, and since
we cut back the sage, mint, parsley and other herbs,
everything is thriving. We have a compost bin, which I
cannot picture ever not having – it’s so natural to throw
vegetable and fruit scraps into a bowl, then into the bin.
We have quite amazingly rich soil now, and have cut our
garbage down by ¾. (I highly recommend it.) Check out
the Hawkins Bio Stack. I think you can get it online. Call
now… do it today! Ha!

Everything is good on the writing front so far. I scored a
documentary film for Sugarland, as some of you know, and
in the process, found some really nice ideas for new songs.
Music always leads to more music, which is so wonderful.

As is usually the case, my best songs are once again the
sad ones, so I’m going down that road again – excavating
some memories and emotions that apparently have been
hiding in the recesses of my heart. When I try to write
political songs, or chipper little ditties, they sound unnatural,
especially to sing, so I’m sticking to the most personally
authentic subjects for the new songs. The writing process
is always very rewarding, (though one of the toughest things
I can imagine). Sometimes I’ll just change one part of a
melody, and the whole song is more “realized” – which
happens to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Next Sunday, August 4th, I’ll be joining Sugarland in Mount
Pleasant, Michigan to open the show. I’ll be playing solo,
but invariably some of the musicians from Sugarland hop up
on stage toward the end. (They’re wonderful musicians, and
it’s a blast to be able to work with them and watch them from
the sidelines during their show).

Today I’ll watch some Olympic gymnastics and reminisce
about watching Nadia Comaneci when she was a little girl,
getting perfect “10”s. Isn’t it exciting to watch such high level
athletes? So inspiring! Do you cry at the end of an event?
I do. I love how sports and music bring people of all walks
of life together – I think that’s why I’m crying, as much as the
great athleticism.

Book recommendations for the month:

State of Wonder by Anne Patchett (One of the best books
I’ve ever read).

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (Brilliant, rich, funny)

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (Beautiful, life
changing book).

Music recommendations:

Pepper Island (The one Mitchell produced with the black and
white cover – put it on at a party and enjoy the vin rouge).

Well, that’s it for today… I know it’s been awhile since I’ve
written, but I’ve been busy reading those books!

Have a great August, and see you soon!


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