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It’s a Wonderful Life I Have

Okay, now I’ve only said this one other time whilst on tour… I could LIVE in Branford!!! What a sweet, kind, quaint, wonderful town! The Branfordians really surprised me tonight with your presence… you came out in force for the festival! Thanks for a great, memorable night. Hope to come back soon.

Tonight reminded me of stepping into a lovely movie directed by George Cukor. The guy at Starbuck’s was so positive. Did they have a Starbuck’s in It’s A Wonderful Life? I believe they did… hmm. Even Nacime, from France came to the show! Bonsoir!

By the way, the other city was Glasgow. I had gone running on the streets of Glasgow and remember seeing all of the flats for rent (to let), and thinking, “I could live here.” Perhaps this is part of why I tour… I get to lose myself in these wonderful cites/towns. What a great life I do have.

The band was incredible tonight. Thanks guys!

Someone got married here tonight and the walls are very thin. The peeps are partying next door. It’s time to change rooms… at 1:15 a.m.



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  • Bob Echter on

    i truly enjoyed your group’s performance. You are always welcome here. Quite sincerely. It gave one of the best nights on the Branford Green, and you are always welcome in my heart. In much appreciation,

  • Kelly on

    You guys were excellent! Vonda you have such a wonderful voice. I absolutely loved singing along with Alley Mcbeal theme song when I was growing up. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed Branford. We enjoyed having you here. I sing, and was involved in quite a few of Branford’s music groups and recorded my own cd. If your ever interested in hearing some of my recordings I’d love to send you a few and get your opinion! Thanks again!

  • Tim Withington on

    Hello Vonda, I must say your show was amazing. Your band is out of this world!!!! And your voice is so full of soul!!! I was honestly and thoroughly astounded. I’m a part time musician and I attend a lot of shows and while I enjoy almost every show I see very few of them that are as moving as yours. My daughter who is a 12 year old singer pianist, bass, sax and flute player thinks that you are exactly the type talent for her to emulate. I need to go out and buy lots of Vonda Shepard now!!! Thanks for an outstanding night!!!

  • Dennis Nardella on

    Hello again Vonda! Wow, you only saw the Town Green and the Holiday Inn Express and you want to live here! Imagine if I showed you the Victorian Homes on the water of the Tudor Mansions on the Thimble Islands.( much nicer than the Hotel of course). Oh and we have not been Branforidians since we fought for our independence from the dreaded Chocoladites! All kidding aside on behalf of our entire Festival Committee we wanted to thank you so much for travelling so far to perform for our town. Your band was kicking (once they had thier nap of course) and you were in top form. It was a very very special night indeed. We wish you all the best in all of your future gigs. I am not authorized to give you keys to the town but I can get you a key for the Starbucks!
    You really are the Best!

    Dennis Nardella
    Branford Festival Entertainment Committee.

  • stephane depeyre on

    Dear Vonda,

    Life is really a fantastic mystery. I know these words sound very common and are losing their deep value when used but what happened today is coming from nowhere.

    Let me just tell you. Some time in a US airport, the young guy I was then (1987 or 1988) was just waiting for a flight somewhere on transit, if I remember well (not guaranteed ) flying back from LA to Paris; one of my first long trip, impressed by everything the US can offer, tired also after one month in San Bernardino county, officially to improve my English..in real life having really good fun in sunny California. Anyway, during this long stand by, I think I had the chance to meet and to talk with you and I have to say then it was kind of ‘coup de foudre’ for me; If I recall properly, we talked, you about music and Al Jarreau (you were her keyboards at that time, once again if I recall well) and about life. And I (as we say easily in France) kind of felt in love with this amazingly beautiful blond girl from the paradisiacal USA I was just discovering. I think we exchanged contacts, of course after short while I lost yours…

    Back to Paris, I was thinking a lot of you (know it looks more than immature, but hey I was only 17 or 18…). One day I fought like crazy and pushed my father a lot so that he buys and finds for me tickets to go to see Al Jarreau at Paris Bercy concert, just to see you (from far but was really great anyway…) at the end of the day. And this was more or less the last time that I saw you obviously but also that I really still hoped that I could meet you again one day…

    Today, some 22 or 23 years later, I was just reading my internet newspaper and saw sadly that Mr Al Jarreau just had yesterday very serious health problems and that he is in critical condition unfortunately. That very sad news was then acting like a key opening a box in my memory/brain and I just recalled, believe me, the name of Wanda Sheppard, the beauty I met somewhere in the US long time ago.

    I then decided to google ‘Wanda Sheppard Al Jarreau’ and then realized that you are Vonda Shepard (I am confused for the bad memories…), yes you are still beautiful and blond, yes it is you as they mentioned Al Jarreau keyboard, and yes you had the success I think you deserve, even more you are kind of a star, with the serial on tv (sorry, never lloked at it..).

    So magic to see that the perception I had from this blond music star of my teen times has just became a shining reality. And what a voice and substance….

    I felt I should try to tell you this story that happened to me today  it made me smiling to life and the stars here in South of France. Merci !!!!!

    Have great tour in the US and smile as you do on most of your videos or pictures. It fits you

    Hope we will have better news of Mr Al Jarreau

    Kind regards

    PS: love your suns on your website, much peaceful…

  • Amy on

    Dear Vonda ~

    I’m gearing up for your concert tomorrow with Little Big Town and Sugarland, and happened upon this particular blog about Branford, CT. Interestingly enough, I decided to take a vacation on my own to explore Connecticut over the Thanksgiving holiday, followed by taking in the infamous Macy’s Day Parade in NYC. In my search for a place to stay in CT, I stumbled upon By the Sea Inn & Spa in Branford, CT. I fell in love with the, as you state, quaint little town! The people were very friendly, and the town had everything from the trendy to the Irish boutique, tasty Italian to Mexican restaurants, and a convenient little grocery store. I commented to at least one of the shop owners about the friendly atmosphere, and she was somewhat surprised considering I was a Midwestern girl in the ‘big, bad’ Northeast! I have tried to explain this lovely place to folks back here, but I just don’t feel I’ve ever done it justice. As I stumbled upon your blog I thought, “No way! Can’t be the Branford I visited. Yet, it must be!” I too am grateful to have the ability to travel and learn about the many wonderful places that exist simultaneously, and most never give a thought.

    Anywho… I ramble! Suffice it to say, very cool that you visited and had the same impression of beautiful Branford.

    I hope Cincinnati treats you well tomorrow! I know I will be in awe through the entire concert!

    Many thanks for sharing your talent with the world,


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