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Letter from Vonda

Hi there,

It has been a while since I’ve blogged. Been busy! We got home from Europe and had more gigs in the U.S., which have been going so well. We opened for the country music sensation, Sugarland! What fun that was! I’m not a country act, but it seemed to work pretty well. Jennifer and Kristian were wonderful to be around and work with. I sang a duet with Jennifer called “Very Last Country Song,” which I believe can be seen somewhere on YouTube. They were so generous to have me sit in with them and have us open. Thanks to all involved!

Michael Urbano, our drummer, was off to Italy with Ligibue, so we had the great Jim Bogios do our last east coast run. He was fantastic! How lucky to have two such wonderful drummers! We played The Lilac Festival in Rochester, New York. I was talking with my son, who is now 4, and said “Do you know where we are?” I said “it starts with an R…” and Jim, my bass player, said “and ends with an ochester”!

Jim calls me his singer. So for the last little tour, we had two Jims and a James… our monitor mixer in N.Y.C. was named James… if we traveled together, all IDs would read James, except mine and my son’s. A little riveting trivia for you.

New York was gorgeous on our day off! I could definitely live there again… if I were loaded! Ha! (For those of you to whom English is a second language, “loaded” can mean either wealthy, or drunk. I was referring to the former definition).

The gig at The Ram’s Head in Annapolis, Maryland was a blast, as well. The last time I played there, someone complained that I didn’t play long enough… so I think I may have overcompensated! We played an hour and 50 minutes. We always love going to the sweet Sellersville Theater… such a lovely atmosphere. So, thank you all for coming out again to see us! Lots of familiar faces.

We’re back in L.A. now where, this morning, I awakened to that beautiful scent of summer on the horizon. There is a certain flower that blooms every year, blending with the sea air which always brings visions of running on the sand… pretending to be a decent volleyball player! I’m late on planting my garden, though the herbs are going crazy! Lots of oregano, parsley, mint, basil. I bought a compost bin, but have yet to fill it with banana peels.( This blog is now drifting into the realm of procrastination. I need to go work out!)

I sang a session before we left for New York for the upcoming Jake Gyllenhaal/Anne Hathaway movie. Got a call from James Newton Howard, who is the composer on the film, and with whom I worked in 1988 on my very first album! He produced a few songs on the album, including the original version of “Baby, Don’t You Break My Heart Slow.” Anyway, I’m going back to sing more for him today. I sang over the last scene in the movie, which was very moving. So thrilling to be involved in projects like this! Nice to be asked to the party.

One last thing… I got more requests for “Serious Richard” in N.Y. at B.B. King’s. I hear you all loud and clear! I believe it is time to put it back in the set.

The next show is in Branford, Connecticut at The Branford Festival on June 18. Please come on down! We have lots of shows in August, so check the tour dates on the site… Also, I’m working on another European tour in the fall… we’ll keep you updated.

That’s all for now. See you soon!


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  • karren mccabe on

    Hi to you finally vonda, been searching for your music everywhere, I have the Ally Mc Beal sound track and thats all I can find! Just love your sound. When I saw you had sung with Sugarland that was just great as I am a country music fan and Sugarland are my faves, Jennifer has the greatest voice, up there with yours of course! I would love to be able to get to more of your music. Keep going youre just great to kick back with at anytime, love ya! Please let me know how I can get more of your music and say hi to Kristian and Jennifer. Cheers Karren McCabe Gladstone Queensland Australia

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