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Loving Summer


We had the most spectacular visit to British Columbia last week! We played CedarCreek Winery, which is situated across from a gorgeous 90-mile lake. All day, there were rain showers, and we were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to play… or that people wouldn’t show up, but about 30 minutes before the show, the clouds broke, then became this rich, golden color as the sun set behind the mountains in back of us as we played music to the lovely people of Kelowna!

The atmosphere couldn’t have been more gorgeous. Playing outside in the summer is my favorite thing to do… besides eating a great meal… oh, and sleeping a full night. But ANYWAY, we were greeted with such wonderful hospitality by the CedarCreek owners and crew… many thanks again to all of you! We just drank a lovely bottle of Cabernet Sauv, as they call it, that was given to us at the airport. Wonderful! The audience was great too… very happy people. Thanks for hanging out with us!

The band and I are gearing up for our San Francisco shows next weekend. This should be a fun, intimate night – the venue is very small. Come on down! (Friday and Saturday nights at The Rrazz Room in the Nikko Hotel).

After that, we head to the east coast for three more shows with Sugarland! More outdoor venues… YAY! I just watched the YouTube video of the song “Very Last Country Song”… what a pleasure it is to sing with Jennifer again and to be around such lovely people.

In the touring world, we call those huge outdoor venues “the sheds”. I played the sheds with Jackson Browne in 1995 and 1996 and remember the beginning of the show with Jackson’s guitar lick to the song “I’m Alive.” My best friend was out on the road with us, and I will always remember her dancing up the empty aisles during soundcheck to that song. Summer on the road… ahhhh! We saw James Taylor play lots of sheds. In my mind (and in reality), I’m going to Carolina. Asheville, North Carolina! Can’t wait.

I’m also attempting to write my next album. Some days, however, the beach calls to me – also my 4-year-old, but the album is coming along. Hopefully we’ll have something out next spring, but I had better hunker down.

We had discussed coming back to Europe in the fall, but that is not looking like it’s going to happen. I’ll give you the update when we know more. We may just wait until next spring, when I have the new album done – or at least half done!

See you on the road!


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  • James on

    Hi Vonda!

    How nice to hear that you’d played in BC. I was there myself for the first time during the Olympics – beautiful place. I keep checking your site to see when you might be playing in Canada. Any chance of seeing you Montreal someday?

    Enjoy the rest of your gigs and don’t put too much pressure on yourself regarding your next album. Isn’t it always a better end result if you’re not stressed during the process? And if you could possibly include some of the covers you did on Ally that still haven’t seen release, all the better! Your versions of “Goodnight My Someone”, “Both Sides Now” and “Somewhere Out There” were exquisite.


    • Nathan on

      Yes please! You’re version of “Both Sides Now” is by far the best I’ve ever heard. I’ve been looking for it everywhere.

  • Conny on

    Your evening in Kelowna definitely brightened up the place. The sun hasn’t stopped shining since! Thanks for a fab evening, your cd does no justice to the real live you.
    crazy times,

  • Bea on

    Hi Vonda!
    When will you be back in Vienna, Austria?

  • RAMAN on

    Hi Vonda

    Ally McBeal would not have been what it was without your music and songs. It was a show that I looked forward to every week and in some ways could relate to though I come from a totally different culture. But music knows no boundaries and you are a perfect example of the free spirit of music. your rendition of “Both Sides Now” is unforgettable. I tried over the years to locate it on the internet but could not. Please let me know if I can download it from somewhere. Best wishes. Raman. Dubai.

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