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Rainy Day in Germany

Hi friends!

Well, we have about a week left on tour. We all finally caught up on rest, after the grueling four in a row and crazy travel days. The show in Juchen, Germany, the other night was by far our best show… the whole band felt it. Some nights all of the elements just line up, and they did that night. The audience was fantastic, we all were rested and had lots of energy, the sound was great, the food was great (very important!), we all just played our hearts out. I needed a show like that, personally.

Sometimes the road kicks your ass so badly, but nights like that, and actually, just the shows, in general, make it all worth it. Thank you to everyone who stays after to get CDs signed.. .don’t you have to get up early for work? I’m impressed!

The show the next night in The Hague was also really fun. It was the second smallest crowd, but still incredibly lively and energetic! The people of The Netherlands are so sweet and kind (did I already say that???) Did you know that the reason it’s not called Holland is because The Netherlands is made up of 12 provinces? This is sort of an inside joke from the show that other night.

I have been getting requests for songs, and I really appreciate that and want to know what you want to hear. A woman requested “Finally Home,” which I played part of for her, as I hadn’t practiced it in awhile. I had learned it for the original tour, but when it was pushed back to 2010, I sort of forgot that I had wanted to play that one!

The truth is, I’d be happy to play the entire new album (From The Sun – I’m still calling it the new album!), but I feel that I want to have variety in the show, in case some people don’t have the record yet. I’m still doing some Ally songs, as you can see, but I’m more into the new stuff. (All artists are into their new songs!)

Some of you don’t ever want to hear “Tell Him” again, and others of you would be disappointed if I didn’t play the nostalgic part of the show… so it’s a balance, I suppose. Hope you are enjoying it, nevertheless. I will read more of your requests before the shows. I have my little boy out here with me, so there isn’t much time for anything besides preparing for the show and taking care of him… and not in that order!

Tonight we play in Koln, Germany. It’s a rainy day…

Bye for now!


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  • Bart on

    Having such great memories from your concerts in Haarlem and Tilburg last year. I’m glad I got to teach you some about the difference between Holland/The Netherlands and our 12 provinces hehe 😉

    Hope to see you again soon. I’ll tell you some more 😉

    Best wishes,

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