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More Chemical Romance

Hi friends!

Sang with My Chemical Romance at the Universal Amphitheater last night (Gibson, I believe it’s called now…). The show is KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. I couldn’t imagine anything LESS acoustic! Screaming guitars and rock stars abound. We strolled through the hallway of the dressing rooms… Smashing Pumpkins, Cake, etc… a star-studded extravaganza.

I was flooded with memories of playing there with Rickie Lee Jones when I was 21 years old, Al Jarreau a few years later and many more gigs I did there. Feels so good to be part of the roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd! Every time we sing with the band, it seems to gel even more. They’re sweet guys.

I had a very inspiring conversation with someone yesterday, which made me want to write even more…

That’s all for now!


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