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Tales from Maine and Texas

Hi friends!

I’m writing to you from a plane heading home after playing a beautiful club called The Landing at Pine Point in Maine. The venue used to be a church, so it was wonderful, acoustically. They had a great piano, and everyone was so nice to us! This show was just me and James on guitar… the mighty duo! James rocked! One of the managers of the club, Gil, even sat in on guitar, so it was a good time all around… especially my son’s melt down at the merch table! He somehow convinced “the powers that be” to let him come see me for a moment. Tess Collins opened the show – the girl can SANG!

I go home tonight, then hop on a plane again to Chicago to open for Sugarland on Friday at the MetroCentre in Rockford, Illinois. This will be a solo show for me. I am trying to think of a sing-along for the audience, just to keep it interesting. I’ll also open for them in Mountain View, California on August 26th, so come on up! (Or down, or out!)

The Texas shows were really a blast. Dosey Doe’s was just such a relaxed environment, and the show in Austin at The One World Theater was lovely. We had stopped on the way to Austin for lunch at an out of the way Mexican restaurant, and James, Jim and I agreed that it was the best Mexican food we had ever eaten collectively. The place was a dive (as many great restaurants are). We even took pictures of the newly painted murals of seascapes and women lounging in the golden light…I will post those just for the fun of it. Oh, and by the way, we swung by Dosey Doe’s to grab a coffee for the drive. Wow. Needless to say, we were in very good moods all day; until I told Jim the wrong turn in the minivan – “It’s got seats”!

We just are getting the solo album together… it’s finished now, and I am excited for the German tour. So much traveling this year, but I love it.

See you out there somewhere! Have a great last few weeks of summer!




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Back from Vancouver


In the street with Leland and Bernard!

Hi all!

Had a great time at The Vancouver Island Music Festival last weekend! What a gorgeous place. I did an hour solo show in the afternoon, then later that night sang with Night Train Music Club, featuring Steve Postell, Bernard Fowler, who sings with The Stones for 20 years, the great Leland Sklar, Steve Holly, who played with wings back in the day, and James Raymond, a wonderful keyboard player, who happens to be David Crosby’s son. We took turns singing our own songs, then backed each other up. I have to say that playing with these guys was truly a highlight of my year. They also happen to be really nice people. Steve’s sister, New York’s own Suzan P. sang B.G.s as well! Yay Suzan! Leland played on the song Mercy on By 7:30 in 1999. He’s one of those guys I don’t see for months, but he’s like family to me… love him!


Leland and Vonda Backstage

After our set, I had the great honor of singing and playing with David Crosby. I had to shed on Deja Vu about 5,389 times before I could get that background vocal part right… I was singing it in my sleep. He’s a cool cat. He’s still got it.

Yesterday I began recording my solo album. We got 3 tracks finished yesterday, and 3 more today, so we’re half way there! Recording solo is a pretty daunting task, but once I got past the first couple of songs, the album settled in, and I think actually sounds pretty good! We’re going to release this in the fall to accompany the European mini-tour in November. If all goes well with the concept, we will be booking many more solo shows.

Just a little pre-release info… we cut The Sunset Marquis, Maryland, Lose My Way, Another January and a few others. Some songs don’t work well solo, and some are surprisingly good.

Texas is up next, with James and Jim. Can’t wait!!! Then Maine with just James.

How are YOU??? What’s new? Hope you’re having a great summer!



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