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  • Fernando on

    Hi, been a fan since Alley Mcbeal. Did you ever recored “I started a Joke”? I have not been able to find it among your albums.

  • Alejandro gongora on

    Vonda ,,, ! Desde hace 2 anos que vi la serie de allí mcbeal estoy enamorado de tu voz y tus canciones , me muero por ir a un concierto tuyo !!! Quiero saber que estas tocando en tu gira de abril y julio temas de ally mcbeal ..?… Vonda te escucho en mi iPod todas las mañanas ! Me encantas.

  • Alejandro gongora on

    Vonda , yo vivo en México y desde que vi la serie de ally eres mi favorita !! Que canciones estas tocando en tu gira 2011 ,?estoy planeando ir a alguno de tus conciertos de California quiero saber si tocas canciones de la serie ! Me encantas ! Te escucho todas las mañanas y los fines de semana ,

  • RCast on

    I’m from Brazil and I’d like to live in USA…just to watch every show you make!
    Love your voice!

  • Debbie Baker on

    Hi Vonda – I, too, have been a fan since Ally McBeal. Had the pleasure of seeing you in concert twice – once in Vegas and once in Phoenix. Think you’ll come back to Phoenix in the near future?

  • Ger Truk on

    Got you last album; which I like a lot. I was never into Ally McBeal. Got on to you when I was on a biz trip to Brussels, I think it was in 2006, walking the town one evening and became aware of an outdoor concert, and there you were! I was mesmerized and has loved your work ever since. Thank you for the wonderful music!

  • Sanly on

    I’ve been watching Ally McBeal again, from the start. Right now as I type this, I am watching season 5 ep 22 where Richard and Liza get married and everyones at the bar, dancing to “My first, my last my everything”. Just want to say that the show has made such a memorable impression on my life both then and still! You have such a wonderful voice and talent and it made the show what it is. It’s great to see that you are touring around. I hope you come to L.A. sometime in the near future.

    Blessings to you!

  • rcraig.hensley@gmail.com on

    I love your voice and music — do you ever tour in the Kansas City area — if not, you should!!!!

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