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Welcome To Winter!!! And Happy 2017!!


I want to begin by saying how absolutely wonderful it was to tour again this year (last year, now!) in The U.K.  What an amazing experience it was, again!!  For those of you who didn’t see the choir performance from Gloucester, I’m including a link here (click the underlined text!)… enjoy it!

When I book these tours with my agent, I spend months preparing and thinking about the thrill of traveling, of playing songs for people who really listen or sing along, and these thoughts really inspire me.  To have a tour to look forward to and plan for is one of my favorite things in life… I only wish we could visit so many other countries.  Maybe when my son goes to college!!  Until then, we’ll keep going where we can. I am grateful to you for showing up at the shows with your love and enthusiasm, and I’m incredibly thankful to still be able to do music as my job, thanks to you…which brings me to our next tour, right around the corner, in Germany!  We are heading over for a couple of weeks at the end of April… can’t wait!!  Some people ask me if I’m tired after the show, as I sit out at the merch table signing albums, etc., and my feeling is the same every night; it’s so wonderful to meet people in each city and to laugh with them or talk for a bit (and hug…ha!).  I also learn a lot from these conversations… I hear your requests, and I truly appreciate the feedback.  My wonderful friends, James Ralston (guitar) and Jim Hanson (bass) will be with me, as always, and we will have a drummer, as well, this time around.  Check the website for dates!!  

I just found out that we’ll be coming back for one week to London and a couple of other cities, as we’ve been invited to do a festival in July!!  I’ll keep you posted with details. And the most recent touring update, is that we’re putting together another U.K. tour in February, 2018.  I’m trying for another European tour in November of this year, as well.  We’d love to get back to France, Spain, Belgium and so many other countries.  There is even talk of going over to Japan, at some point in the next year… I haven’t been to Japan since I opened for Jackson Browne in 1996!  21 years ago!  I also remember touring in Japan, when I was Rickie Lee Jones’ keyboard player/ background singer, in 1985 and 86’.  I wrote a song called “Forward My Mail To Osaka”. (Haha!)  I never recorded the song, but Japan had quite an impact on me.  It’s incredibly eye-opening to go to a place so different from home… and I loved it.

I’ll keep you posted on that…

Ready for a new recipe???  I AM!!  My sister-in-law was in town from Israel, and made this in my kitchen… it’s a great side salad.  Let’s call it “Cabbage with Pine Nuts”.

Cabbage With Pine Nuts: (as discussed… haha.)


  • Cabbage, very thinly sliced (maybe use a mandolin – play it very quietly, and the cabbage will be thin.)  
  • Toasted pine nuts about 1 Cup (buy raw and gently toast on stove — never take your eyes off of them — they burn if you look away (kind of like my ex boyfriend of 30 years ago).  So about 2 minutes on medium/low heat, until golden and you hear Harps and Angels singing – Thank you, Randy Newman, for the reference.  
  • Toasted sesame seeds  About 3/4 of a Cup (same deal as above). 


  • Soy Sauce 2 Tablespoons
  • Sugar 1/4 Cup  (I know, it is a lot, but it works… or as Ina Garten says “How bad could that be??!!”  
  • White wine vinegar 1/2 Cup
  • Canola or sunflower oil (or something similar) 1/2 Cup

Boil sauce ingredients for about 2 minutes, or until sugar is dissolved, then let cool for a bit.  

Mix cabbage, pine nuts, sesame seeds, then pour cooled sauce over and mix.  Enjoy!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season, and are enjoying the colder weather… I am!!  It’s finally raining in L.A.  Yay!  I realize how silly this may sound to some of you in Eastern Europe, or in Chicago — maybe I should move…?  Haha!

There is so much going on in the world in politics, and I’d rather not get into it here, but I would like to say that, as always, I wish for peace for all, and for love to win, over everything.

Have a wonderful winter, and I will send more recipes soon!!

Peace and Love,


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Los Angeles Fundraiser for blossomy.org

blossomy.org Fundraiser poster


blossomy.org supports the recovery, wellness and empowerment of survivors of human trafficking in India.  Vonda Shepard supports blossomy.org, and on November 5th, you can too in very fun way.  This unique live event offers an evening of music, dancing, chai martinis and an autographed CD included with purchase of your regular or VIP ticket!

For tickets:


About blossomy.org:


Respond, and invite your friends on Facebook:





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A Letter from Vonda

Hi friends!

I’m sitting here getting ready to practice, and just wanted to check in with you… give you some updates and a wonderful black kale recipe! (Hey, why not?!)

We’re coming up to San Francisco to play Yoshi’s again on Thursday, April 14! We love playing there, and really look forward to seeing you at the show (and to eating the Asian meal they prepare for us as inspiration). We’ll have the full band – James Ralston on guitar, Jim Hanson on bass, and Michael Urbano on drums – as well as our fantastic crew featuring Carlos Novais and, hopefully, Ionisphere! We will play mostly original songs from From the Sun, By 7:30, It’s Good Eve, Chinatown, and, of course, we’ll heat it up with some soul cover tunes. Hope you can make it down (or up!).

We’re also playing two L.A.-area shows, remote though they may be, at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on Thursday, April 28 at 8 pm and the next night, Friday, at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano at 8 pm. So GET ON THE 405 North or South, brave the traffic, and come on down! Full band, again, so get ready to party! Read more

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SoCal Shows

Hi all,

Well, we’re finally playing L.A.!!! The gigs are a bit of a drive for some of you — especially those in Austria — but I still hope you can make it! We are returning to The Canyon Club and The Coach House on April 28 and 29, respectively. Details are listed below. We are also working on a spring East Coast tour and will let you know as soon as it’s confirmed. Read more

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Art of Compassion

Vonda is performing at the 25th Anniversary Art of Compassion gala this weekend in Malibu, Calif. After that, she’s heading out to open some shows for Sugarland in the West and then play some headlining shows in the East. You can find all of the dates over on the Tour page.

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